Memristor-Based Logic Circuits.

The memristor, a new electronic component, was predicted in 1972 by Leon Chua, and was discovered in 2008 by a team led by Stan Williams at HP Labs. The memristor is useful for making low-power, fast, high-density, non-volatile memory, and is currently being commercialized by HP for this purpose.

In addition, it is possible to design logic circuits based upon memristors. Such logic circuits may possibly enjoy some of the performance advantages (low-power, fast, high-density, non-volatile) that make memristors attractive for use in computer memory systems. Memristor-based logic circuits were patented by Robinett and Wiliams in 2014.

US Patent 8773167 B2
Implementing logic circuits with memristors
Inventors: Warren Robinett, R. Stanley Williams.

More information can be found at: US Patent 8773167 B2

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